Monday, May 24, 2010

My Edgy Princess Unleashed!

Recently a friend sent me probably the coolest and most creative gift I've ever received.  It was an

Edgy Princess Ring, which are handmade rings from France, made of glass.  I am head over heels IN LOVE WITH IT!!

From the moment I opened the box, the experience began.  The packaging was so carefully and beautifully created in their signature chocolate brown box with coordinating flower embellishments, I almost didn't want to open it!.  So special!  I just kept thinking what a GREAT and 
special gift to receive!

I love big rings and silver, so this was perfect for me.  Then I put it on.  Love ensued.  It fit my finger perfectly, but all the rings are size adjustable at the base, so you never have to worry about size when you're ordering.  But what's cool is, because you adjust them at the base, they don't look at all like adjustable rings.  They just look and feel really sturdy.  And awesome!

I had never seen anything quite like it, so 
I had to visit the website to find out more about this uber cool company.  The Edgy Princess mission is "to bring our fabulous finds to every hip woman and girl out there.  Why?  Because there is an edgy princess inside us all."  Yay!!

                                         Mine is the Square Classic-Silver, but they have lots of other styles in lots of different colors.  Other shapes include round, dome, rectangular, flower, flat, and plate.  What's inside?  Mine is filled with silver beads.  Others are filled with colored water, pop art designs and water, and beads of different colors and shapes.  So damn cool and chic!!

Cost?  The rings range from $30 to $40.  Not bad for my favorite accessory of all time.

One drawback.  Everyone wants to know what's on your finger!  I had to stop class twice on Thursday to answer questions about what was on my hand and where it could be purchased.  I've also been stopped twice, once in the grocery store and once walking into an audition, about my ring.  I'm getting used to it!

OK, two drawbacks, when you go to their website it is SO hard to pick one from the collection!  They're all just too unique and fabulous!

And, turns out the folks at Edgy Princess are not just good at making amazing, eye-catching rings, but they're good people, too.  A portion of all sales goes to charity.  

Want more information?  You can check out the Edgy Princess Facebook Page page or reviews on Yelp to see what other Edgy Princesses have to say about their rings.  

Thank you Edgy Princess.  I am unofficially a little bit cooler now.  It's a start.

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