Monday, April 26, 2010

Down to 2?!

When I got the callback for the lead in the hilarious web series, Nanny Interviews, the director said in the email, it's down to you and one other actress.  I thought, Ugh!  Why did you have to tell me that?!  Pressure is on! And of course I ran into the awkward situation of seeing the beautiful other actress when I arrived a bit early.  Turned out to be the lovely and talented Jill Saunders, who I didn't remember at the time, but had actually known through mutual contacts years ago.

Today at my favorite (ahem) place to audition, CAZT, I had a callback, where I noticed only one other actress had been called back for the role I was auditioning for.  Here we are again!

Not exactly... the 
casting director came out to talk to some of the actors about the wait and to answer questions, and turns out the other actress was here for her first call!

What do I do with this information?  I'm interpreting, "We like you Beth, but we're not fully ready to commit."  OK, me no likey that line of thinking.

I think I'll just ignore it and take my "I got this" energy in the room!

Did I break my CAZT curse of NEVER booking at that place?  Stay tuned...


  1. OMG I feel famous. Thanks for the shout out!

    I broke my CAZT curse this year, and you will too.